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   Ballroom Dancing   

There is nothing more wonderful than dancing!


You can learn a variety of popular styles of dance such as...

  • Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing

  • Samba, Merengue, Hustle, Salsa, Batchata, Nightclub 2Step

  • Country Western, Westcoast Swing, Polka, and more!           


 Private lessons (one person or a couple) - only $75

Group Classes - Workshops


Beginner students to competitive dancers are welcome.

No partner needed.




All Private Lessons are 45 minutes long.  

Call 931-319-6000 to schedule Your Appointment Today!


Ballroom dancing is my greatest joy!       



 I am grateful to be able to teach and share what I love so much! I have been dancing as long as I can remember... in fact, I have had the wonderful privilege to be able to teach ballroom dancing for over 20 years. I've taught hundreds of students how to dance and all of them have taught me why I love what I do.

Piper has provided youth, adults and aspiring professional dancers with one-on-one coaching, choreography and group classes for over 20 years. Dancing professionally herself, she has studied with some of the most notable names in dance. She was a featured Foxtrot dancer in the 2016 movie "Carol" and has competed profession in the Pro-Am dance arena. 

In Cincinnati her client list included business owners and leaders as well as aspiring amateur dancers. She is widely known in middle Tennessee as a skilled teacher for all levels of aspiring dancers, whether making parties and events fun or helping couples achieve performance dance levels. Piper's public dance events are filled with positive energy and engaged people.  "Piper has such a clear way of communicating and helping people at all levels. She's a skilled and empathetic teacher." said one student. 

With rich experience preparing couples, father-daughter and mother-son dances for weddings, Piper is an in-demand coach for special events.  She has prepared hundreds of couples and individuals in creating lifetime memories with that "wow" factor in their most special moments.  

"It's always a enjoy meeting the couple where they are and help them find their way." says Piper. "When I see couples trusting each other, learning to move well, I know it strengthens their relationships. It's an intuitive, subtle thing, but it's so important." 

What is more special or timeless than learning to move well and beautifully, together?  We were all created to dance, and Piper is a highly qualified coach who loves to help us do just that.  

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